The safest and most efficient way to control Sciarid flies.

With nemycel you successfully and organically control the larvae of Sciarid flies. nemycel will stop your worrying about annoying flies during harvest or fungal diseases transmitted by adult flies.

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4 benefits of nemycel®


High effectiveness

80% of larvae in the compost can be killed by the application of nemycel. For best results simply dissolve nemycel in water and feed into the irrigation system.


High compatibility

The nematodes in nemycel are infective juveniles. In this particular stage they can be combined with many active ingredients, regardless of whether they are biological or chemical.


100% Organic

Our product philosophy is 100% organic. We do not use any chemical additives in our formulation and therefore, our production meets the requirements of FiBL and OMRI.


No micro plastic

Due to our philosophy we do not use any type of micro plastics. Instead our formulation is based on natural diatomaceous earth with the advantage that it dissolves easily in water and does not clog the irrigation system.

Natural ingredients of nemycel®

nemycel contains the insect pathogenic nematode Steinernema feltiae. Nematodes are roundworms that are natural enemies of Sciarid fly larvae. The carrier material of nemycel consists of natural diatomaceous earth and can be easily dissolved in water and applied via the irrigation system.
After application, the nematodes penetrate the larva through body openings and release a symbiotic bacterium. The bacteria multiply in the larva and kill them within a few hours. In addition, the nematodes feed on the bacteria and reproduce in large numbers. Within 2 weeks the new generation of nematodes emerge from the dead larva and attack the next larva.

Easy application of nemycel®

Mix the nematode powder in a water barrel and water it evenly over the casing soil using the sprinkler system or hand watering. Alternatively, they can be watered onto the casing soil or mixed into it while the rooms are being filled. Nematodes are most infective when the water content is 60-70% in the substrate soil.

Dosage recommendation for
Phase II and phase III compost

The general dosage recommendation is 2 million nematodes per m² applied in 1 liter of water per m². Two strategies can be used for effective application, which are differentiated in single and split application.

  • Single application: 2 million / m² with the last watering or on day 12-14.
  • Split application: 1 million / m² immediately after casing and 1 million / m² with last watering.

Timing is everything

The most crucial factor for a successful control of the Sciarid fly is the application timing, which is based on the life cycle of the Sciarid fly. For a successful treatment there must be larvae in the substrate at the time of application. Eggs are laid when the compost is filled and first larvae appear after 5 days. Therefore, apply as late as possible, i.e. with last watering. Splitting the full dose over two application dates a few days apart is advantageous and leads to better results.

Application of nemycel

Compatibility with fungicides and disinfectants

nemycel can be tank mixed with other active ingredients but ideally it is applied on its own. You should only use tank mixes if there is no other option.

The following plant protection products have no influence on nemycel:

  • SporGon (Prochloraz)
  • Vivando (Metrafenone)
  • Citric acid

For sodium hypochlorite or chlorine please consult us or your distributor. Hydrogen peroxide affects nematodes and should therefore be applied 3 days before or after nematode application.

Individual solutions tailored to your company

With nemycel we create an individual solution for you.
Depending on the size of your growing room and the severity of the infestation, you will receive a dosage recommendation tailored to your business from our dealers and partners. This way you use the product as effectively as possible.

nemycel® in ecological cultivation

The new European Organic Regulation 2018/848, which will apply from January 1, 2021, stipulates that organic production prefers to use living organisms and that it uses natural enemies to protect it from pests. However, no agents or animals that have been genetically modified may be used. nemycel meets these criteria and can therefore be used without restriction in ecological production.

Certified sustainability with OMRI and FiBL

nemycel is OMRI and FiBL certified and meets the highest ecological standards. We do not use synthetic products or products based on genetically modified organisms for the production of nemycel.

What is OMRI?

OMRI (Organic Material Review Institute) is an ISO 17065 accredited nonprofit materials testing organization in the United States, Canada, and more recently Mexico. The OMRI certificates help manufacturers to find products that are suitable for ecological businesses. The basis for this is the strict standards for organic products in the USA, Canada and Mexico. An OMRI certificate ensures that no synthetic products or products based on genetically modified organisms are used. Many organic certifiers worldwide accept the product conformity certified by OMRI.

What is FiBL?

In Europe FiBL is the largest certifier for products that can be used in organic farming. FiBL checks their compliance with the principles of organic farming, taking into account legal requirements and standards of the EU and various organic associations, as well as scientific criteria. FiBL also excludes synthetic products or products that are used on genetically modified organisms from certification.

About us

e-nema was founded in 1997 by the three partners Prof. Dr. Ralf-Udo Ehlers, Dr. Arne Peters and Tillmann Frank to make a contribution to the compatibility of plant protection and nature conservation. Today e-nema is leading in the production of nematodes. We combine cutting-edge technology and biological crop protection, always with the aim of making the world a better place.

Strong partners and specialized distributors

Do you intend to purchase nemycel? E-nema works with a large global network of strong partners. We are happy to pass on your inquiry to our distributors and trade partners based in your country. Please use our contact form or give us a call.

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